Philosophy's Loss of Logic to Mathematics (eBook, PDF) - Park, Woosuk
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Introduction.- Frege's Distinction Between "Falling Under" and "Subordination".- Scotus, Frege and Bergmann.- Zermelo and the Axiomatic Method.- Between Bernays and Carnap.- On the Motivations of Goedel's Ontological Proof.- The Ontological Regress of Maddy's Mathematical Naturalism.- What If Haecceity Is Not a Property?.- Epilogue.
"The book provides a very interesting and accessible treatment of some of the relevant work of the mathematicians and logicians already mentioned, as well as a philosopher's analysis of classical problems abutting to logic, e.g. certain ontological themes addressed by Duns Scotus." (Michael Berg, MAA Reviews, January, 2019)_