Navigating the Energy Maze (eBook, PDF) - Kuhns, Roger James; Shaw, George H.
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Chapter 1 The Energy Maze Introduction Chapter 2 Overview of Supply and Consumption Chapter 3 Transportation Chapter 4 Residential and Commercial (R&C) Sector Chapter 5 Industry Sector Chapter 6 Conservation and Efficiency Chapter 7 Peak Oil and Petroleum Energy Resources Chapter 8 Coal and Natural Gas Chapter 9 Oil and Gas Fracking and Tight Shale Resources Chapter 10 Uranium and Thorium Chapter 11 Renewable Energy Chapter 12 The Carbon Dioxide Problem and Solution Chapter 13 Geoengineering Chapter 14 Sustainability Mapping and Energy Policy Chapter 15 Policy proposals Chapter 16 Summary, Projections and Consequences of the Policy Appendices Index
" A must--read for anyone interested in solution--oriented methods to address climate change."
-Mark ReynoldsExecutive Director, Citizens' Climate Lobby

"A Comprehensive Sustainable Energy Policy that guides our nation through the current energy maze and anchors a path to a sustainable energy future is the core message . . . in this far--reachingand vitally important work."
-Neal J. Gruber,M.E., P.E., D.CE., Systems Operations Consultant