Moon First and Mars Second (eBook, PDF) - Reneau, Allyson
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Chapter 1: introduction and the importance of Focusing on the Moon.- Chapter 2: Understanding the Options for Human Exploration and Ultimate Colonization.- Chapter 3: The Advantages of the Moon in terms of Transportation, Fuel Expenditures, Access to Water, and Expense.- Chapter 4: The Advantages of the Moon in terms of Telecommunications and IT Services.- Chapter 5: The Advantages of the Moon in the Context of Near Instantaneous Support Services from Earth.- Chapter 6: Financial, Technical, Utility Infrastructure feasibility to creating a Lunar Colony/ Habitat versus doing so on Mars.- Chapter 7: Examining New Capabilities that could be Created and Tested on the Moon before seeking a Permanent Mars Presence.- Chapter 8: Planning for the Future.- Chapter 9: Conclusions and Next Steps.- Appendix 1: Key Terms and Concepts.- Appendix 2: Space Policy Directive 1.- About the Author.- Index.