Mayoral Collaboration under Nazi Occupation in Belgium, the Netherlands and France, 1938-46 (eBook, PDF) - Wouters, Nico
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Introduction.- 1. Local Democracies.- 2. Adaptation (1940).- 3. Infiltration (1940-41).- 4. The Limits of Nazification.- 5. The Limits of Good Governance.- 6. Systems of Repression.- 7. Disintegration.- 8. Transition.- Conclusion.

"Nico Wouters's Mayoral Collaboration offers a comprehensive account of mayoral activities in Belgium, the French Nord-Pas-de-Calais, and the Netherlands during the Second World War. His work is well-researched and offers an interesting interpretation about the resilience of democratic culture in the face of totalitarian repression. Specialists in the field and interested generalists should read it." (Keith Rathbone, H-France Review, Vol. 19 (161), 2019)
"One closes this book with admiration for the enormous amount of information Nico Wouters accumulated, and hopes that his next publication will draw the attention not only of the specialists but also of the interested public." (István Deák, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Vol. 33 (1), 2019)