Logistics Matters and the U.S. Army in Occupied Germany, 1945-1949 (eBook, PDF) - Kruger, Lee
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1. Introduction.- 2. Run-up to the Military Occupation of Germany, 1945-1949.- 3. Supporting the Military Force and the Birth of 'Little Americas'.- 4. Supporting the U.S. Military Families: 'Little Americas' Begin to Crawl.- 5. Supporting Local Populations: Germans, Displaced Persons, Expellees and Refugees.- 6. Logistics, the Bridge to Cultural Exchange: Bratwurst versus Burger.- 7. Conclusion: 'We are in country for the long haul'.
"Kruger has written a very welcome study on a topic that was of enormous importance in early post-war German and European history. ... Kruger's book is a welcome addition to the still growing body of literature on the Allied occupation of Germany; as such it is essential reading to those studying this fascinating period in European history." (Martijn Lak, European History Quarterly, Vol. 48 (1), 2018)