Linguistic Pragmatics of Intercultural Professional and Business Communication (eBook, PDF) - Malyuga, Elena N.; Orlova, Svetlana N.
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Introduction.- 1. The Theory of Professional and Business Communication in Contemporary Linguistics.- 2. Jargonisation, Manipulative Potential and Strategic Planning of Professional Discourse.- 3. Theoretical Concepts and Notions of Euphemy.- 4. Euphemisms in the Economic Discourse.- Summary.- Conclusion
"Linguistic Pragmatics of Intercultural Professional and Business Communication contributes to our understanding of IPBC. It enables the reader to understand the complex and dynamic nature of professional and business discourse in intercultural relations, and in particular, of the linguapragmatic aspects of IPBC. ... by obtaining ideas and insights from this volume, researchers can employ IPBC, as an investigative framework, to delve deeper into business discourse, exploring the patterns of business negotiations and implementation of euphemisms and jargonisations in economic discourse." (Fatemeh Mardian, Journal of Pragmatics, Vol. 174, 2021)