Juana I (eBook, PDF) - Fleming, Gillian B.
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"This monograph offers a refreshing look at a monarch that has long been depicted as 'the mad queen' within the literature and popular imaginary, while also demonstrating that popular depictions often ignore Juana's own attitudes towards her kingdom and her place in such. ... Fleming's study captures the significance of Juana's career and its legacy while also illustrating how women, particularly the women of the House of Trastamara-Habsburg, influenced the character of the emerging Kingdom of Spain." (Jessica L. Minieri, Royal Studies Journal, Vol. 7 (2), 2020)
"This well-crafted study is a must-read for any scholar interested in Spanish and European political history, power, the monarchy, queenship, gender, and disability studies." (Nuria Silleras-Fernandez, Early Modern Women Journal, Vol. 14 (2), 2020)
"An excellent scholarly biography of Queen Juana I, daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella. ... Fleming examines Juana's political significance as Queen of Castile and placesher within the context of sixteenth century attitudes toward female rule in the Iberian peninsula and beyond. ... Well written, well researched and interesting to read. Highly recommended." (Carolyn Harris, royalhistorian.com, June, 2018)