Italians in Australia (eBook, PDF) - Ricatti, Francesco
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1. Mapping complexity: a transcultural approach.- 2. Historical outline.- 3. Work and socio-economic mobility.- 4. Racism and racial ambiguity in a settler colonial context.- 5. Family and generational negotiations.- 6. Transnational ideologies and transcultural practices.- 7. Concluding remarks.

"Francesco Ricatti's comprehensive study offers a fresh and lucid understanding of the interrelation of core issues and processes affecting settlement and governance of immigration strategies for Italian arrivals in Australia during the past one hundred and fifty years. ... Ricatti offers challenging new perspectives that greatly enrich and deepen our awareness and understanding of transnational and transcultural practices in synthesizing Italian-Australian migration history over a 150-year trajectory." (Diana Glenn, Australian Book Review, Issue 418, January-February, 2020)

"Italians in Australia is unique also because of its critical use of decolonial, transcultural, and intersectional frames, especially its careful and intertwined consideration of race, class, gender, sexuality and age. ... This is a brief but engaging and important text for migration history in Australia and beyond. Italians in Australia cleverly draws together diverse disciplinary works to form a transcultural approach to the history of Italians in Australia." (Alexandra Dellios, Australian Historical Studies, Vol. 50 (2), 2019)

"This project is inspired as much by the desire to honor the stories of migrants and their families as it is by the need for scholars of the past to contribute to changing social and political responses to migration in present-day Australia. This slim volume has already made its presence felt." (John J. Kinder, H-Net Reviews Humanities and Social Sciences,, April, 2019)