Iran, Revolution, and Proxy Wars (eBook, PDF) - Seliktar, Ofira; Rezaei, Farhad
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Chapter 1 Exporting the Revolution and Building Hegemony
Chapter 2 Hezbollah in Lebanon: Creating the Model Proxy
Chapter 3 Deploying Proxies against the "Zionist Enemy" and Undermining the Oslo Peace Process 
Chapter 4 Al-Qaeda: Islamist Ecumenism Against the United States and the West 
Chapter 5 From the Bader Brigade to the Popular Mobilization Forces: Fighting the Americans while Turning Iraq into a New Lebanon
Chapter 6 Rescuing the Assad Regime and Turning Syria into a Client State
Chapter 7 Proxies in the Gulf and Beyond: Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Principalities, and Yemen
Chapter 8 Conclusions: The Success of the Proxy Strategy and its Limits