Intervention Effectiveness Research: Quality Improvement and Program Evaluation (eBook, PDF) - Monsen, Karen A.
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Background: Why we need this book Chapter 1. Intervention Effectiveness Research History and State of the Science Chapter 2. Project/Program Evaluation History and State of the Science 2.1 Worksheet to compare research and evaluation for a project Chapter 3. Methods for Interventions Effectiveness Research and Program Evaluation Chapter 4. Existing Data: EHR data and administrative data Chapter 5. New Data: Observational Tools and Surveys Chapter 6. Interviews: Professionals and Consumers 6.1 Worksheet to plan methods for a project Chapter 7. Instruments: Baseline and follow up assessments Chapter 8. Instruments: Intervention descriptions Chapter 9. Instruments: Problem classification 9.1 Worksheet to describe baseline and final assessments 9.2 Worksheet to describe interventions Chapter 10.& nbsp;Ethical review Chapter 11. Implementation Chapter 12. Analysis Chapter 13. Publication
"This is a unique book, which can be used by students and novices. It can be useful for DNP students as they develop their end-of-program projects and for nurses as they begin to work on quality improvement and program evaluation projects. There is no comparable book in the field. This would be a great addition to the library of teachers and managers to share with their students and nurses." (Michalene A. King, Doody's Book Reviews, November, 2017)