Esther in Early Modern Iberia and the Sephardic Diaspora (eBook, PDF) - Colbert Cairns, Emily
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1. Introduction 2. Esther In Iberia & Constructing A Catholic Nation Upon The Judeo-Christian Model 3. A Jewish Heroine In Early Modern Spain 4. Esther In The Portuguese Nation 5. Sisters In The Law Of Moses 6. Conclusion.
"Real success with this book is in the conception of the project, her selection of primary sources, and her close readings of the sources. ... Colbert Cairns has given us an originally conceived, timely, and insightful study of a novel combination of sources, painting us a vivid picture of the Iberian and American imaginary of Esther, an important cultural icon around which crystallize issues of gender, sovereignty, and religious authority. Her reading of the sources is innovative and thought-provoking." (David Wacks, Bulletin of the Comediantes, Vol. 70 (2), 2018)