Ernst Zermelo - Collected Works/Gesammelte Werke II (eBook, PDF) - Zermelo, Ernst
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  • Verlag: Springer Berlin
  • Erscheinungstermin: 15.08.2013
  • Deutsch, Englisch
  • ISBN-13: 9783540708568
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Ernst Zermelo's curriculum vitae by Heinz-Dieter Ebbinghaus.- Zermelo 1894.- Zermelo 1896a.- Boltzmann 1896.- Zermelo 1896b.- Boltzmann 1897.- Zermelo 1899a.- Zermelo s1899b.- Zermelo 1900.- Zermelo 1902a.- Zermelo s1902b.- Zermelo s1902c.- Zermelo 1902d.- Zermelo 1904a.- Hahn and Zermelo 1904.- Zermelo 1906.- Riesenfeld and Zermelo 1909.- Zermelo 1928.- Zermelo 1930c.- Zermelo 1931a.- Zermelo 1933a.- Bibliography.- Index
From the book reviews:

"This is the second and final volume of a complete edition of Ernst Zermelo's collected works. ... This second volume covers his contributions to the calculus of variations and to applied mathematics and physics. ... There is much to be learned from this volume, even for those whose only interest is in Ernst Zermelo the set theorist." (J. M. Plotkin, Mathematical Reviews, July, 2014)

"This is the only authoritative version of Zermelo's collected works with English translations. Therefore, it is a tour de force for anyone not only interested in Zermelo's papers, but also the historical background of many research areas of applied mathematics. I highly recommend this volume to applied mathematicians, from advanced undergraduate students up to specialists, such as those of variational problems and functional analysis." (Arturo Ortiz-Tapia, Computing Reviews, June, 2014)