Emergency Vascular Surgery (eBook, PDF) - Wahlberg, Eric; Goldstone, Jerry
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Preface.- Part A. Specific Areas.- 1. Vascular Injuries to the Neck.- 2. Vascular Injuries in the Thoracic Outlet Area.- 3. Vascular Injuries in the Arm.- 4. Upper Extremity Ischemia.- 5. Vascular Injuries in the Abdomen.- 6. Visceral Ischemia.- 7. Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms.- 8. Aortic Dissections.- 9. Vascular Injuries in the Leg.- 10. Acute Leg Ischemia.- Part B. General Concepts.- 11. Complications in Vascular Surgery.- 12. Acute Venous Problems.- 13. Acute Problems with Vascular Dialysis Access.- 14. General Principles.- Index.
"This would be a great book for any surgical resident or general surgeon who manages vascular surgical problems on call. The authors are recognized experts in the field of vascular surgery. ... This is a high-quality book, and the content is concise and high yield. It is a terrific resource to use to begin building a foundation of knowledge in vascular surgery. I would recommend it for any surgical trainee, nonvascular surgeon, or incoming vascular surgery fellow." (Gabriel A Wallace, Doody's Book Reviews, March, 2018)
From the reviews: "A concise, practical guide intended for trainees in general and vascular surgery as well as emergency room physicians. ... this book is unique because of its nearly comprehensive coverage of the problem in a small format suitable for the target audience. ... Overall, I have to congratulate the authors on a job well done. ... is a definite must buy for the target audience. I will have this guide handy at all times, as even an experienced vascular surgeon may find it helpful." (Michael Klyachkin, World Journal of Surgery, Vol. 32, 2008) "This text serves as an excellent overview of common emergencies that may be encountered in any vascular practice, emergency department, or trauma bay. This text is a guide intended for practitioners who regularly evaluate vascular emergencies ... . This book is ideal for the surgical house officer or the emergency department physician exposed to vascular emergencies ... . The discussions are well written and presented in an easy-to-understand format ... . it serves as an excellent reference source for those learning vascular surgery." (Todd R. Vogel, Journal of the American Medical Association, Vol. 300 (18), November, 2008) "This is a concise overview of the major vascular emergencies and the treatment and management of each condition. ... the audience includes surgical trainees or any physicians who encounter vascular surgical patients in the emergency department. ... Overall, this is a concise review of major vascular emergencies suitable for medical students, surgical trainees, emergency department physicians, or any physician with limited experience with vascular surgery. It is most appropriate as a simple guide for nonvascular surgeons." (Katherine Brown, Doody's Review Services, January, 2009)…mehr