Education in the Marketplace (eBook, PDF) - Currie-Knight, Kevin
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Chapter 1: Introduction.- Chapter 2: Albert Jay Nock: Pessimism about Education by State or Market.- Chapter 3: Frank Chodorov: Consumer Sovereignty, Markets in Education, and "A School on Every Corner".- Chapter 4: Ayn Rand: Isabel Paterson, Private Education for a Free Society, and Education for Galt's Gulch.- Chapter 5: Murray Rothbard: Separating Education and the State Beyond Left and Right.- Chapter 6: Milton (and Rose) Friedman: Education Vouchers and State Financing of Private Education.- Chapter 7: Myron Lieberman: Education without Romance, Public Choice Economics, and Markets in Education.- Chapter 8: "Other Conceptions, Both Powerful and Exotic": School Choice Visions from Voices from the Political Left.- Chapter 9: Conclusion.