Earth at Risk in the 21st Century: Rethinking Peace, Environment, Gender, and Human, Water, Health, Food, Energy Security, and Migration (eBook, PDF) - Oswald Spring, Úrsula
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Part I: Texts on Peace, Gender, Environment and Security1.      Contextualisation on Gender, Peace, Security and Environment 2.      On Peace and Security 3.      Peace and Sustainability in a Globalised World4.      Ahimsa and Human Development: A Different Paradigm for Peace, Security and Conflict Resolution 5.      On Environmental Security and Global Environmental Change6.      Ecology and Threats to Human Survival 7.      Conflicts, Megalopolis and Hydrodiplomacy8.      Peace, Environment and Security: A Gender Perspective from the Third World. 9.      Environmental Management in a Globalised World Part II: Texts on Gender and Human Security10.  Gender Security11.  On HUGE Security: Human, Gender and Environmental Security12.  On Engendered-sustainable Peace from a Feminist and a Bottom-up Perspective13.  A Gender Perspective on Climate Change  Part III: Texts on Water, Health, Food and Energy Security14.  On Water Security15.  On Health and Water Security16.  Agroecology for Food Sovereignty and Security 17.  Energy Security: Policies and Potentials in Mexico Part IV: Texts on Migration, the Nexus among Sectorial Securities and Outlook18.  Analysing Migration and Environmental-induced Migration with the PEISOR Model19.  Environmentally-induced Migration from Bottom-up in Central Mexico20.  The Nexus among Water, Soil, Food, Biodiversity and Energy Security21.  The Global South facing the Challenges of the Challenges of an Engendered, Sustainable and Peaceful Transition