Doing Poetic Inquiry (eBook, PDF) - Owton, Helen
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Dedication.- Foreword.- Contents.- Acknowledgements.- List of Tables/Figures.- Overview of the Book.- Author Biography.- 1.0Introducing Poetic Inquiry.- 2.0Shaping Poetic Inquiry.- 3.0Poetry as data.- 4.0Turning data into poetry.- 5.0Poetry as literature review.- 6.0Poetry as reflective writing.- 7.0Judging Poetic Inquiry.- 8.0Future possibilities of Poetic Inquiry.- Index.
"This book is written using a personal and emotive account and inevitably brings the reader's emotions to the fore. ... Owton achieves what she set out to do; that is, inform novices of the potential power and many uses of poetic inquiry, as well as justifying its uses as a rigorous and arduous in its' own right." (Zainab Yusuf, Qualitative Methods in Psychology/QMiP Bulletin, Iss. 25, 2018)