Digital Business Leadership (eBook, PDF) - Kreutzer, Ralf T.; Neugebauer, Tim; Pattloch, Annette
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1. Background and need to build a digital business

2. Eight Fields of Action for Building a Digital Business Leadership

2.1 Guidelines for the development of a vision for the digital age
2.2 Concepts for developing business model innovations
2.3 How to design a digital organization
2.4 From product to process - The relevance of services
2.5 Open Innovation - How to integrate customers into innovation processes
2.6 User Centering - What the Digital Customer Journey Provides
2.7 IT as an Enabler for the Digitization of Business Processes, Products and Services
2.8 Controlling a Digitized Organization 199
3. Change management - shaping change successfully
4. Best Practices for Building a Digital Business Leadership
5. The beginning is the most difficult of all - our prompt to action
"The book has a very cogent and convincing flow. Its design and layout are excellent-- particularly the graphics and the very professional looking figures. ... This book explains the need for a new management framework for digital business leadership. It will mostly appeal to practitioners rather than academia, because it gives 'concrete recommendations for action to meet an increasingly digitally shaped business world.'" (C.S. Arora, Computing Reviews, December, 2018)