Cloud-Based Cyber-Physical Systems in Manufacturing (eBook, PDF) - Wang, Lihui; Wang, Xi Vincent
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1. Literature Survey and Trends.- 2. Current Status and Recent Development in Cloud Technologies.- 3.Advances in Cyber-Physical Systems.- 4.Challenges in Cyber Security and Solutions.- 5Sensor-Driven Machine Availability and Capability Monitoring in Distributed Environment.- 6.Cloud-Enabled Adaptive and Collaborative Process Planning Based on Real-Time Machine Availability.- 7.Process-Embedded Function Blocks for Adaptive Machining in Cyber-Physical Environment.- 8.Fleet-wide Condition Monitoring for Predictive Maintenance Using Cyber Prognostic Techniques.- 9Energy Map and Resource Efficiency Calculation as a Cloud Service.- 10.Human Safety and Cyber Security in Remote Robotic Assembly.- 11.Cloud Robotics towards Development of a Cyber-Physical Assembly System.- 12.-Symbiotic Human-Robot Collaborative Assembly with Embedded Sensing and Decision Support.- 13.CPS Systems Design and Lifecycle Analysis.