Childhood Disability, Advocacy, and Inclusion in the Caribbean (eBook, PDF) - Harry, Beth
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1. Chapter 1 Historical and Cultural Influences on Education Policy and Disability Services
2. Chapter 2 The Immortelle: Planting, Nurturing, and Growing
3. Chapter 3 Original Parents' Stories: From "Something not right here" to "She's wonderful!"
4. Chapter 4 Forty Years Later: Current Parents - From "Something not Right Here to "We Need Systems!"
5. Chapter 5 "Trinidad is Nice, Trinidad is a Paradise": Navigating negativity and creating love
6. Chapter 6 Sustaining the Immortelle: "You Have to Love What You Do"
7. Chapter 7 Building a Community of Advocates: Seeking Unity in Diversity
8. Chapter 8 Health and Education: Seeking an Explicit Place on the Agenda
9. Chapter 9 Trinidad and Tobago in a Liminal Space