Capital Wars (eBook, PDF) - Howell, Michael J.
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1. Introduction: Capital Wars.- 2. Global Money.- 3. Synopsis: A Bigger, More Volatile World.- 4. The Liquidity Model.- 5. Real Exchange Adjustment.- 6. Private Sector (Funding) Liquidity.- 7. The Central Banks: Don't Fight the Fed, Don't Upset the ECB and Don't Mess with the PBoC.- 8. Cross-border Capital Flows.- 9. China and the Emerging Markets.- 10. The Liquidity Transmission Mechanism: Understanding Future Macro-valuation Shifts.- 11. Financial Crises and Safe Assets.- 12. The Financial Silk Road: Globalisation and the Eastwards Shift of Capital.- 13. Measuring Liquidity: The Global Liquidity Indexes.- 14. Conclusion: A High Water Mark?.
"Michael J. Howell's Capital Wars: The Rise of Global Liquidity is a must-read for anyone trying to navigate the vagaries of inflation, bond yields, risk and volatility in global markets." (Melissa Davies,, March 8, 2021)

"As a description of the workings of the modern global financial system and the interrelationship of finance and the real economy, it has no current rival. Not for beginners, but essential reading for market practitioners." (John Plender, Financial Times, July 12, 2020)