British Clandestine Activities in Romania during the Second World War (eBook, PDF) - Deletant, Dennis
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  • Verlag: Palgrave Macmillan UK
  • Erscheinungstermin: 8. April 2016
  • Englisch
  • ISBN-13: 9781137574527
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Selective Biographical Roster
1. Mission Accomplished: The Coup of 23 August 1944
2. Setting the Scene: Problems of Cohesion, 1918-1938
3. The Drift into Germany's Orbit: Romania, 1938-1941
4. The Prelude to Hostilities: Projecting Britain in Romania
5. Challenging German Ambitions: Clandestine British Military Operations in Romania, 1939-1941
6. Clandestine British Operations in Romania, 1942-1943
7. The 'Autonomous' Mission
8. MI6 and Romania, 1940-1945
9. The Eradication of Opposition to Communist Rule
10. Condemned But Not Forgotten: The Fate of Pro-British Activists in Romania, 1945-1964
11. Conclusion
"A much-needed contribution to the understanding of the British intelligence activities targeting Romania during World War II ... . this highly readable book is a must-read for students of Romanian and British history, especially for those interested in the history of espionage and international, political, and military history, the Holocaust, and the early communist regime in Romania." ( tefan Cristian Ionescu, H-Net Reviews,, October, 2018)

"Professor Dennis Deletant's recent efforts at clarifying Romania's place in the history of the Second World War have therefore been invaluable not only for Romanian scholarship, but for wider European historiography. ... Deletant's latest book is yet another much-needed and useful addition to the history of Romania and of East-Central Europe. ... Those invested in the study of history can hope that this book will rekindle scholarly interest in the evolution of this part of Europe." (Vlad Onaciu, LSE Review of Books,, September, 2016)