Brazil and the United States during World War II and Its Aftermath (eBook, PDF) - McCann, Frank D.
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1. A Relationship of Unbalanced Giants
2. Pre-War Fears and Explorations
3. Search for Mutual Benefits
4. Brazil's Options Narrow
5. Decision to Fight
6. The Brazilian Expeditionary Force: The Smoking Cobras
7. Post-World War Disappointment
8. Cold Wind from the East
"McCann's book will find its place among the classics on traditional military history about two 'unbalanced giants' from the 1920s to the 1950s and their brotherhood in arms. It offers new insights for those historians who are not familiar with McCann's oeuvre or the Brazilian history of the 20th century." (Ursula Prutsch, Revista Iberoamericana, Vol. 20 (73), 2020)