Applied Multidimensional Scaling and Unfolding (eBook, PDF) - Borg, Ingwer; Groenen, Patrick J.F.; Mair, Patrick
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1 First steps.- 2 The purpose of MDS and Unfolding.- 3 The fit of MDS and Unfolding solutions.- 4 Proximities.- 5 Variants of MDS models.- 6 Confirmatory MDS.- 7 Typical mistakes in MDS.- 8 Unfolding.- 9 MDS algorithms.- 10 MDS Software.- Subject Index.
"'This book introduces the multidimensional scaling (MDS) as a psychological model and as a data analysis technique for the applied researcher. ... The book is unique in its orientation on the applied researcher, whose primary interest is in using MDS as a tool to build substantive theories. ... The primary audience of this book are psychologists, social scientists, and market researchers. No particular background knowledge is required, beyond a basic knowledge of statistics.'" (Ludwig Paditz, zbMATH 1409.62006, 2019)