Aesthetics and World Politics (eBook, PDF) - Bleiker, R.
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  • Verlag: Palgrave Macmillan UK
  • Erscheinungstermin: 28. August 2009
  • Englisch
  • ISBN-13: 9780230244375
  • Artikelnr.: 45964722

Introduction The Aesthetic Turn in International Political Theory Art after 9/11 The Sublime Nature of Global Politics Poetic World Politics Poetry after Auschwitz Poetic Resistance to Cold War Politics Come See the Blood in the Streets Poetics and the Politics of Memory The Poetic Search for Identity and Community Conclusion
'...a spirited yet remarkably humble defence of the heretical idea that the future of international relations as a vigorous academic discipline depends on the willingness of its representatives to take a radical 'aesthetic turn'...Bleiker's intellectual vision unfolds in exemplary lucid prose...' - Australian Book Review