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PART I Foundations.- Challenges of Predictable Software Development.- Principles of Effort and Cost Estimation.- Common Factors Influencing Software Project Effort.- Estimation under Uncertainty.- Basic Estimation Strategies.- PART II Selecting An Appropriate Estimation Method.- Classification of Effort Estimation Methods.- Finding the Most Suitable Estimation Method.- PART III Popular Effort Estimation Methods.- Statistical Regression Analysis.- Constructive Cost Model - COCOMO.- Classification and Regression Trees.- Case-Based Reasoning.- Wideband Delphi.- Planning Poker.- Bayesian Belief Networks - BBN.- CoBRA.- PART IV Establishing Sustainable Effort Estimation.- Continuously Improving Effort Estimation.- Effort Estimation Best Practices.- Appendix.
"It is the most complete work on all aspects of software effort estimation that I have seen. It provides an excellent reference for the field and belongs on the bookshelf of every organization that needs to manage a software project." from the foreword by Victor Basili, University of Maryland, USA

" This dense book would serve as a reference in a software library, and would be a great resource for software engineering students, as well as managers, engineers, and architects." Naga Narayanaswamy, ACM Computing Reviews, December 2014