The Ultimate Drama Pot Collection: 100 Monologues for Young Performers - Watkinson, Joanne
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Suitable for young performers and a useful resource for drama teachers Will appeal to schools and drama teachers looking social distance friendly material to use in the classroom

Suitable for young performers and a useful resource for drama teachers Will appeal to schools and drama teachers looking social distance friendly material to use in the classroom
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Joanne Watkinson is a forty-six-year-old writer from Yorkshire. She started writing when she was a teenager, and continued to do so through to adulthood, although it took nearly two decades before she allowed anyone to read anything she'd written. In the early nineties Joanne studied Performing Arts in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire gaining a BA Hons, and went on to study for a PGCE in Drama and English at Bretton Hall college. In 1996 she took up a Drama and English teaching post at a school in South Yorkshire where she stayed for nineteen years heading up a successful performing arts department. Alongside her teaching commitments she examined for GCSE and A-Level practical exams travelling around the country. But after a devastating set back due to a serious illness, made the difficult decision to leave her teaching career to fulfil a dream of opening her own theatre school and becoming a writer. Elite Theatre Arts opened in Doncaster nearly five years ago and continues to go from strength to strength. Last year Joanne set herself a new challenge and started up ETA Management, a casting agency for children and young adults, she continued writing along side setting up the businesses and after several successful years of self publishing her monologues were picked up by LAMDA for their recent Anthology. Working with children has always been an important part of Joanne's career and to date she has directed over fifty plays and shows across Yorkshire including some of her own material, which she continue's to enjoy writing. Joanne is so pleased to have joined forces with Salamander Street, and is looking forward to new goals and opportunities.
Monologue Activities 1
Rehearsal Tasks 3
Suitability: Pre-teen
Feisty Fairy 6
Jack 7
My Friend Henry 8
Peter Pan in Wonderland 10
Extraordinary 11
My World 13
I Won't Choose 15
Alfie 16
It's Here Somewhere 18
I'm Not Ready 20
My Grandma Never Sits Down 22
A Mermaid's View 24
Magical Pet 25
Cowboy Trumps Indian 27
Wilderness Badge 29
Pirate Not Princess 30
Fame club 31
Santa Can Only Be Red 33
Check Mate! 35
Queen of Hearts and the Best Tarts 37
No One Understands Me 39
I Love the Ice 40
Poof! 42
Circus Dog 44
Show and Tell 46
I'm Not Contrary 48
Suitability: Pre-teen/Young Teen
I'm not Contrary 48
Gran Says 50
Evacuee 52
Fleeced 54
Winner 56
Loves me, loves me not 57
The Light 59
I Dated an Elf 61
The Breakup 63
There's Nothing Merry About Me 65
Geronimo! 67
If Walls Had Ears 69
Caravanning 71
Angry Waves 73
Life in Black and White 75
Unsinkable 77
Happy Place 79
Dystopia - The Taste That Once Was 81
Turbulent Times 83
Mission Complete 85
Excitement is Exhausting! 88
One Last Spell 90
A Striking friendship 92
Hard Times 94
Bitter Sweet Nightmares 96
I'm Not Scared 98
The Audition 100
Suitability: Teen
The Audition 100
Cyber Torture 102
Dear Jenny 104
More Dragons 106
Dear Diary 109
Karma 111
Inner Beauty 113
Chapped 115
I'm Not a Vandal 117
Underworld 120
Mirror, Mirror 122
Less is More 124
The Ugly Vase 126
Curtain Going Up! 128
Enjoy the Moment 131
Going Solo 133
An Unwanted View 135
I Miss You 137
Trouble 139
The Lodger 141
Stinky Shoe 143
Sparkle 145
Little Red Lie 147
The Big Apple 149
Hair We Go! 151
Suitability: Teen/Young adult
Hair We Go 151
Solitary 153
Eat Me! 155
When the World Turned Grey 157
Haunting 159
No Stars on this Jacket 161
What Am I Doing Here? 163
The Beauty Treatment 165
The Loft 167
New Home 169
Oxbridge Material 171
And the winner is... 173
The Urge 175
Evil Personified 177
Rest in Purgatory 179
Sometimes 181
Suitability: Young Adult
Sometimes 181
Stood Here Looking at You 183
The Robbery 185
Desperate 187
Fashion Buzz 189
Me Too! 191
I Do 193
What I Never Had 195