Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences (with APA Card) - Gravetter, Frederick J.; Forzano, Lori-Ann B.
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  • Erscheinungstermin: 7. Januar 2020
  • Englisch
  • ISBN-13: 9780357602003
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Preface.1. Introduction, Acquiring Knowledge, and the Scientific Method.2. Research Ideas and Hypotheses.3. Defining and Measuring Variables.4. Ethics in Research.5. Selecting Research Participants.6. Research Strategies and Validity.7. The Experimental Research Strategy.8. Experimental Designs: Between-Subjects Design.9. Experimental Designs: Within-Subjects Design.10. The Nonexperimental and Quasi-Experimental Strategies: Nonequivalent Group, Pre-Post, and Developmental Designs.11. Factorial Designs.12. The Correlational Research Strategy.13. The Descriptive Research Strategy.14. Single-Case Experimental Research Designs.15. Statistical Evaluation of Data.16. Writing an APA-Style Research Report.APPENDICES.A. Random Number Table and Instruction.B. Statistics Demonstrations and Statistical Tables.C. Instructions for Using SPSS.D. Sample APA-Style Research Report Manuscript for Publication.Glossary.References.Name Index.Subject Index.