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How the City Really Works is a comprehensive guide to how London's financial markets operate. It offers advice on how you can put the information it provides to practical and lucrative use and includes sections on: the City of London, the Bank of England, commercial banking, investment banking and all types of financial products.…mehr

How the City Really Works is a comprehensive guide to how London's financial markets operate. It offers advice on how you can put the information it provides to practical and lucrative use and includes sections on: the City of London, the Bank of England, commercial banking, investment banking and all types of financial products.
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  • Verlag: Kogan Page Ltd
  • 3 Revised edition
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  • Erscheinungstermin: 3. April 2010
  • Englisch
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Alexander Davidson is a financial journalist and a senior editor at Complinet. He is the author of How the Global Financial Markets Really Work, The Complete Guide to Online Stock Market Investing and How to Understand the Financial Pages (all published by Kogan Page).
Foreword xxviii Acknowledgements xxxii 1 The City of London 7 Introduction
The City defined
Financial markets
The City as a world leader
No gain without pain
Markets are people
The future
The next step 2 The Bank of England 17 Introduction
Lender of last resort
More crisis reactions
Liquidity provision
Helping the government packages
Profit from the crisis
The future 3 Commercial banking 27 Introduction
Commercial banks in operation
Structured investment vehicles
Building societies
Raising capital
Credit collection Bad loans
Capital adequacy
The financial crisis 4 Introduction to equities 41 Introduction
Market indices
The next step 5 How to value shares 46 Introduction
Analysts' forecasts
Discounted cash flow analysis
Market influencers 6 New share issues 52 Introduction
Capital raising 7 Investment banking 58 Introduction
Initial public offering
Specialist types of share issues
Bond issues
Mergers and acquisitions
The future 8 Introduction to derivatives 68 Introduction
Cash and derivatives
Four types of derivative and transactions
Hedging and speculation
On-exchange versus OTC derivatives
Clearing and settlement
The credit crisis
European regulation 9 Derivatives for retail investors 78 Introduction
Financial spread betting
Contracts for difference 10 Wholesale market participants 86 Introduction
Inter-dealer brokers 11 Interest rate products 89 Introduction
Money markets
The interbank market
Debt securities
Interest rate derivatives
Index swaps
Forward rate agreements
Interest rate forwards
Government bonds
Yields and redemption
Market Size
Borrowing and the economy 12 Credit products 98 Introduction
Credit derivatives
The future 13 Commodities 110 Introduction
The range of commodities - hard
The range of commodities - soft, The investment case for commodities, Regulation 14 Foreign exchange 121 Introduction
Global overview
The participants
Exchange rates
Supply and demand
Transaction types
Default risk
Further research 15 The London Stock Exchange and its trading systems 131 Introduction
Market makers
Users 16 Share trading venues and exchanges 143 Introduction
Multilateral trading facilities
Systematic internalizers
Dark liquidity pools
Consolidation 17 Post-trade services 148 Introduction
Safekeeping and custody
A changing competitive environment
Cross-border players
The future 18 Investors 162 Introduction
Retail investors
Institutional investors
The future 19 Pooled investments 168 Introduction
Investment funds
Investment strategies
Investment companies Exchange-traded funds
Hedge funds
Money market funds 20 Analysts and research 178 Introduction
fundamental analysis
Others 21 Financial communications 185 Introduction
Public relations
Investor relations
Corporate information flow
Journalists 22 UK financial services regulation 194 Introduction
The Financial Services Act
The Financial Services Authority
The FSA in transition
The future 23 European and global regulation 204 Introduction
European legislation so far
Europe in transition
Global regulation 24 Financial fraud 216 Introduction
Government initiatives
Specialist areas of fraud
Fraud busters
The future 25 Money laundering 228 Introduction
know your customer
Action against money launderers
The size of the problem
Global cooperation 26 Overview of corporate governance 235 Introduction
The concept
The Cadbury Code
The Greenbury Committee
The Combined Code
The Turnbull Report
OECD Principles of Corporate Goverance
Directors' Remuneration Report Regulations
Higgs and Smith
The Revised Combined Code
Listing Rules
The Myners Report
Developments across Europe
The financial crisis
The Walker Review
The 2009 Review of the Combined Code
The future 27 Accounting and governance issues 247 Introduction
Accounting scandals
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act
European auditing and disclosure rules
Business review
International Financial Reporting Standards 28 Insurance and the London companies market 256 Introduction
Insurance overview
More about the London market
Regulatory developments
The future 29 Insurance: Lloyd's of London 266 Introduction
How Lloyd's works
Financial strength
International progress
The future 30 Reinsurance 278 Introduction
Reinsurance contracts
Specialist forms of reinsurance
Reinsurance reassessed
International regulatory developments
Dispute resolution 31 Retail insurance, savings and domestic property 287 Introduction
The regulator's view
General insurance
How the products are sold
Complaints and compensation 32 Pensions in flux 296 Introduction
The basic state pension
Occupational and personal pensions
Annuities and unsecured pensions 33 The shipping industry 316 Introduction
Financial crisis
Regulation of FFAs
Regulation of shipping
Global issues
Climate change
The future 34 Catching the Iceland chill 327 Introduction
Internet accounts
The crisis
Lansbanki reimbursement issues
Action against Kaupthing
Flaws in cross-border regulation
The banking crisis
New and old banks
Towards resolution
Two of the recommendations
Conclusion 35 Islamic finance 336 Introduction
Sectors and products
Developing Islamic finance
the financial crisis and after
The future 36 Ethics and integrity 345 Introduction
Conceptual uncertainty
Putting ethics into practice
The way forward 37 Final word 350 Appendix 1: Useful websites 353 Appendix 2: Further reading 359 References 365 Index 376 Index of advertisers 386