Europe Transformed 1878-1919 2 - Stone
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This book provides readers with an introduction to the complex era from 1878 to the end of World War I.

This book provides readers with an introduction to the complex era from 1878 to the end of World War I.
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Norman Stone is currently Professor of InternationalRelations at Bilkent University, Ankara, TUrkey, where he isDirector of the Turkish-Russian Institute. He was previouslyProfessor of Modern History at the University of Oxford and aFellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. His first book, TheEastern Front, 1914-1017 (1975) won the Wolfson Prize forHistory in 1976. His other works include Hitler (1980);Czechoslovakia: Crossroads and Crises, edited with EdwardStroughal (1989); and The Other Russian: the Expereience ofExile edited with Michael Glenny (1990).
Preface to the Second Edition.

Preface to the First Edition.

1. The End of 'Moral Order': Metropolis.

The Liberal Revolution.

The 'Great Depression.'.

'Transformism': The Politics of the 1880s.

2. Strange Death, 1890-1914: The New Course.

'National Efficiency' and Sammlungspolitik, 1896-1904.

1905: The Ghost of 1848.

'Technocracy,' 1906-1910.

The Ghost of Bonapartism: Réveil National, 1910-1914.

3. The Great Powers of Europe: International Relations,1897-1914.






4. War and Revolution, 1914-1918.

'Gift from Mars.'.

The War, 1914-1918.

'Red Dawn'?.

5. New Structure: The Cultural Revolution of 1900.


Review of the Previous Edition:

"The general reader, after deep gulps of prose, will wonder whythey were ever led to think that history is a dull subject. Stone'sfellow professionals will only be able to take his narrative insmall doses, needing frequent pauses to think, snort or wrigglewith envy." The Spectator

'This is a facinating book, elegant, witty, original,informative and many-sided...The general reader, after deep gulpsof prose, will wonder why they were ever led to think that historyis a dull subject. His fellow professionals will only be able totake his narrative in small doses, needing frequent pauses tothink, snort or wriggle with envy... There really cannot have beena teacher like Norman Stone for many years, and his readers willnow jealously compete with his pupils for his time.' John KeeganmSpectator