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  • Verlag: Xlibris
  • Seitenzahl: 96
  • Erscheinungstermin: 9. September 2009
  • Englisch
  • Abmessung: 216mm x 216mm x 7mm
  • Gewicht: 295g
  • ISBN-13: 9781441558374
  • ISBN-10: 1441558373
  • Artikelnr.: 28129989
John Nieman has written three novels and two children's books. However, in recent years, he has concentrated more on short stories. As he explains it. "The world has a short attention span, and the short story is tailor-made for this era." This is his fourth creation in this genre, in addition, he is an accomplished fine artist and has exhibited in dozens of locales throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and Canada. In this arena, he has published four books of art and poetry. The father of five, he currently resides in Dobbs Ferry, New York.