Theory of Reflection (eBook, PDF) - Lekner, John
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Preface.- Introducing Reflection.- Exact Results.- Reflection of Long Waves.- Variational Theory.- Equations for the Reflection Amplitudes.- Reflection of Short Waves.- Anisotropy.- Absorption.- Inverse Problems.- Pulses, Finite Beams.- Rough Surfaces.- Matrix Methods.- Periodically Stratified Media.- Ellipsometry.- Chiral Media.- Reflection of Particle Waves.- Neutron Reflection.- Reflection of Acoustic Waves.
"The book is didactically well written and can serve as a useful literature for professionals as well as for graduate students in the considered fields. ... The appendix contains useful formulae for various quantities typically encountered in the wave transmission and reflection analyses." (Vladimir Cadez, zbMATH 1347.78002, 2016)