Smile - Candys,Mike
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  • Anzahl: 2 Audio CDs
  • Erscheinungstermin: 23. März 2012
  • Hersteller: Edel Germany Cd / Dvd,
  • EAN: 4250117618179
  • Artikelnr.: 34974718
CD 1
1In the beginning00:00:59
2One Night In Ibiza00:02:49
3Around The World00:02:47
4Onsomnia (Christopher's & Mike Candys Hypnotic Rework)00:04:38
5Sunshine (Fly so high)00:03:07
6Together again (Extended Vocal Mix)00:04:28
7People Hold On00:02:56
82012 (If the world would end)00:02:47
9Give it, give it00:03:14
10Club get ready00:05:13
11I run 2 U00:03:25
12NIght to remember00:04:32
13Say you love me00:03:07
14Believe in love00:04:55
15Where's my girl00:04:32
CD 2
12012 (If the world would end) (Original Mix)00:03:05
2Children (Original Higher Level Mix)00:03:13
3One Night In Ibiza (Extended Mix)00:03:13
4Insomnia (Christopher S & Mike Candys Hypnotic Rework)00:03:24
5Together again (Christopher's Remix)00:03:46
6Around The World (Club Mix)00:03:50
7Give it, give it (Radio Edit)00:03:09
8Club get ready (Original Mix)00:02:21
9Are you ready for this (Mike Candys & Kwan Hendry Remix)00:03:13
10Night to remember (Original Mix)00:03:17
11Believe in love (Original Mix)00:03:35
12Jump! (Mike Candys Radio Mix)00:02:29
13Where's my girl (Original Mix)00:02:58
14Sunshine (Fly so high) (Radio Mix)00:03:07
15Love For You (Mike Candys Remix)00:03:00
16PEOPLE HOLD ON (Radio Edit)00:02:53
17Star (Mike Candys Remix)00:02:54
18Say you love me (Radio Mix)00:03:01
19Run 2 U (Radio Mix)00:03:24