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CD 1
1The opening (VR Live)00:03:29
2Oxygene 2 (VR Live / JMJ Rework Of Kosinski Remix)00:04:32
3The architect (VR Live)00:03:23
4Oxygene 19 (VR Live)00:03:45
5Oxygene 8 (VR Live)00:02:43
6Zero gravity (VR Live)00:04:34
7Exit (VR Live)00:04:56
8Equinoxe 4 (VR Live)00:03:21
9Stardust (VR Live)00:02:52
10Herbalizer (VR Live)00:03:51
11Oxygene 4 (VR Live / JMJ Rework Of Astral Projection Remix)00:03:38
12The time machine (VR Live)00:04:10
CD 2
1Welcome to the other site, the concert00:51:02
2Masterclass, Forum des Images
3Making of, Behind the scenes00:15:04
4Album 5.0 Mix00:44:50