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CD 1
1Children - Radio Edit00:03:50
2Insomnia - Radio Edit00:03:35
39 PM (Till I Come) - Radio Edit00:03:14
4Turn the Tide - Radio Edit00:04:03
5Don't You Worry Child - Radio Edit00:03:33
6Beachball - Vocal Radio Edit00:03:54
7Don't Give Up00:03:28
9For an Angel - PvD Angel in Heaven Radio Edit00:03:52
10Life Is Too Short - V-Cut00:03:44
11Bellissima - Radio Mix00:03:50
12Better Off Alone - Radio Edit00:03:36
13Encore Une Fois00:03:37
14Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) - Radio Cut00:03:17
15Airwave - Radio Vocal Edit00:02:57
16Lethal Industry - Radio Edit00:02:43
17The Nightfly - Short Cut00:03:54
18Can You Feel The Silence - Radio Version00:03:54
19Protect Your Mind (Braveheart) - Vocal Radio Mix00:03:39
20Another World - Radio Edit00:03:48
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CD 2
1Sonic Empire - Short Mix00:03:53
2L'amour toujours00:03:59
3Everytime We Touch - Radio Edit00:03:17
4Moonlight Shadow00:02:54
5Wonderful Days - 2001 Radio Edit00:03:14
6Mr. Vain Recall - Radio Edit00:03:30
7Komodo - Radio Edit00:03:26
8Right in the Night00:03:46
9Why Don't You Dance With Me? - Radio Edit00:03:24
11Someday - Vocal Radio Cut00:03:30
12Everybody - Single Edit00:03:22
13Explode - Marc Van Linden [V-Cut]00:03:24
14Cambodia - Short Vocal Mix00:03:51
15Bass, Beats & Melody00:03:40
16The Darkside00:02:57
17Hyper Hyper00:03:34
18Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Short00:03:36
19Love Song00:02:59
20Can't Stop Raving - V-Mix00:03:33
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CD 3
1This Is What It Feels Like00:03:23
2Something - Radio Edit00:03:41
3Everytime You Need Me - Radio Edit00:03:29
4Don't You Want Me - Edit00:03:09
6Silence - DJ Tiesto's in Search of Sunrise Remix Edit00:03:57
7Take Me Away - Vocal Radio Mix00:03:20
8Dream Of You00:04:00
9On The Beach - Mauro Picotto's CRW Remix00:03:17
10Sandstorm - Radio Edit00:03:45
11Cafe Del Mar - Three 'N One Radio Edit00:03:49
12Ayla - DJ Taucher Radio Edit00:03:58
13Universal Nation - Radio Edit00:03:49
14Summer Sound System - Radio Edit00:03:36
15The First Rebirth - Radio Edit00:04:02
16The House Of House - Radio Edit00:03:29
17Calling Earth00:04:46
18Are Am Eye? - Single Edit00:03:26
19Anywhere (Luvstruck 2014)