This Is Trojan Reggae - Diverse
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CD 1
1Double barrel00:02:45
2To be the young gifted and black00:03:07
3Monkey man00:03:45
4You can get it if you really want00:02:38
5Black and white00:02:56
6Let your yeah be yeah00:03:08
7Help me make it through the night00:03:05
8Love of the common people00:02:18
9Black pearl00:02:36
11Sing a little song00:03:00
12Suzanne beware of the devil00:02:37
13Ire feelings (Skanga)00:03:46
14Disco devil (7 Mix)00:03:31
15Man next door00:03:55
16You're everything to me00:03:39
17What one dance can do00:04:29
18Girlie girlie00:03:04
19O. K. Fred00:03:52
20Crying over you00:03:25
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CD 2
1Uptown top ranking00:03:52
2I want to wake up with you00:02:56
3Money in my pocket00:03:48
4Pied piper00:02:45
5Moon river00:03:27
6Give & take (Give alittle, take a little)00:02:21
7Think about that00:02:51
8Monkey spanner00:02:30
9Montego Bay00:02:24
10Sweet Sensation00:03:53
11This Monday Morning Feeling00:03:16
12Leggo skanga00:02:49
13Mad about you00:03:28
14Pickney girl00:02:55
15Snoopy vs The Red Baron00:03:10
16Big seven00:03:22
17I am what I am00:02:45
18Big city00:02:40
20Blood and fire00:03:05
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