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Duke Reid International Disco Series
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  • Anzahl: 3 Audio CDs
  • Erscheinungstermin: 16. April 2021
  • Hersteller: ROUGH TRADE / Cherry Red,
  • EAN: 5013929277533
  • Artikelnr.: 61270300
CD 1
1If I could rule this world00:06:12
2You don't care00:06:01
3My best girl00:06:20
4Get on the right track00:05:56
5I can't stop now00:05:25
6Queen Majesty00:06:40
7Kansas City00:05:41
8Ooo wee baby (Baby I love you)00:06:10
9True true00:05:20
10Riding high / GT.195 (Medley)00:05:34
11I'm in the mood for love00:05:40
12Ali Baba00:04:11
CD 2
1Love is not a gamble00:06:25
2I can't stand it00:06:49
3Those guys00:04:05
4Travelling man (The original travelling man)00:05:18
5Peace and love00:05:03
6Mercy, mercy, mercy00:04:49
7Moonlight lover00:04:45
8You make me so very happy00:07:04
9It's you I love00:06:36
10Don't touch me tomato00:06:18
12Breaking up / Phantom in the jungle (Medley)00:06:06
13Breaking up dub00:06:11
CD 3
1Baby love / Wstmoreland flood (Medley)00:05:41
2You don't care (2nd Mix)00:04:35
3Chatty chatty people00:06:22
4The same song00:06:31
5I should have known00:05:29
6Cry tough00:04:12
7I wish it would rain (It's raining)00:05:49
8You have caught me00:07:02
10Remember that Sunday00:03:56
11Red ash00:05:28
12Baba boom boom00:06:13
13Musical best00:06:55