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CD 1
1Copperhead Road00:04:31
2Snake Oil00:03:31
3Back To The Wall00:05:29
4The Devil's Right Hand00:03:02
5Johnny Come Lately00:04:11
6Even When I'm Blue00:04:14
7You Belong To Me00:04:24
8Waiting On You00:05:10
9Once You Love00:04:42
10Nothing But A Child00:04:27
CD 2
1The Devil's Right Hand (Live In Raleigh, NC / 1987)00:04:02
2Fearless Heart (Live In Raleigh, NC / 1987)00:04:32
3San Antonio Girl (Live In Raleigh, NC / 1987)00:04:23
4Nobody But You/Continental Trailways Blues (Live In Raleigh, NC / 1987)00:06:26
5My Baby Worships Me (Live In Raleigh, NC / 1987)00:03:33
6Wheels (Live In Raleigh, NC / 1987)00:04:45
7The Week Of Living Dangerously (Live In Raleigh, NC / 1987)00:07:26
8Johnny Come Lately (Live In Raleigh, NC / 1987)00:03:55
9Brown And Root (Live In Raleigh, NC / 1987)00:03:46
10I Love You Too Much (Live In Raleigh, NC / 1987)00:04:28
11It's All Up To You (Live In Raleigh, NC / 1987)00:06:11
12Nebraska (Live/1988)00:05:21
13Copperhead Road (Live In Calgary / 1989)00:04:08
14I Ain't Ever Satisfied (Live In Calgary / 1989)00:03:52
15Dead Flowers (Live In Calgary / 1989)00:05:36
16Little Sister (Live In Calgary / 1989)00:03:15
17Guitar Town (Live In Calgary / 1989)00:02:36