The Songs Of Leon Russel - Diverse
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1If it wasn't for bad00:03:40
2Delta lady00:02:53
3Groupie (Superstar)00:02:49
4A song for you00:05:26
5Me and baby Jane00:03:33
6Time for love00:04:13
7Land of Oz00:02:58
8Before you go00:02:13
9Raspberry rug00:02:15
10You look like the devil00:03:25
11Back to the islands00:04:40
12Rainbow in your eyes00:03:05
13My cricket00:02:47
14Make love to the music00:03:26
15Something good is gonna happen to you00:03:18
16I'd rather be blind00:03:45
18The loser (with a broken heart)00:02:07
19Lonesome and a long way from home00:02:34
20Love's supposed to be that way00:04:25
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