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CD 1
1Move It On Over00:02:44
2Honky Tonkin'00:02:47
3Lovesick Blues00:02:44
4Wedding Bells00:02:55
5Long Gone Lonesome Blues00:02:38
6Why Don't You Love Me?00:02:25
7Cold Cold Heart00:02:43
8Dear John00:02:36
9Howlin' At The Moon00:02:44
10Hey, good lookin'00:02:56
11Crazy Heart00:02:28
12Jambalaya (On The Bayou)00:02:54
13Honky Tonk Blues00:02:12
14Settin' The Woods On Fire00:02:37
15You Win Again00:02:37
16I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive00:02:27
18Your Cheatin' Heart00:02:43
19Take These Chains From My Heart00:02:39
20I Won't Be home No More00:02:45
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CD 2
1It's Been So Long, Darling00:03:12
2Soldier's last letter00:03:10
3Rainbow at midnight00:03:08
4Slippin' Around00:02:53
5Careless Darlin'00:02:47
6Don't rob another man's castle00:02:46
7Drivin' nails in my coffin00:02:55
8Filipino baby00:02:44
9Forever is ending today00:03:14
10Have You Ever Been Lonely?00:02:50
11I'll step aside00:02:41
12I'm Biting My Fingernails And Thinking Of You00:02:49
13Tomorrow never comes00:03:01
14Seaman's blues00:03:15
15Farther Along00:02:48
16Missing In Action00:03:09
17Try me one more time00:02:21
18Yesterday's tears00:02:58
19Mean Mama Blues00:02:56
20Letters have no arms00:03:05
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CD 3
1Bouquet Of Roses00:02:35
2Don't Rob Another Man's Castle00:02:37
4A Heart Full Of Love (For A Handful Of Kisses)00:02:37
5I Wanna Play House With You00:02:12
6One Kiss Too Many00:02:19
7Just a little lovin' (will go a long, long way)00:02:45
8Kentucky Waltz00:02:34
9I'm throwing rice (at the girl I love)00:02:38
10Easy On The Eyes00:02:36
11A Full Time Job00:02:28
12The Cattle Call00:02:32
13That Do Make It Nice00:02:30
14The Echo Of Your Footsteps00:02:42
15I'll Hold You In My heart00:02:44
16There's Been A Change In Me00:02:16
17To My Sorrow00:02:55
18I Really Don't Want To Know00:02:36
19Take Me In Your Arms And Hold Me00:02:54
20The Lovebug Itch00:02:27
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