Selected Works (1972-1999) - Eagles
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CD 1
1Take It Easy00:03:31
2Hollywood waltz00:04:02
3Already Gone00:04:15
5Midnight flyer00:03:58
6Tequila Sunrise00:02:53
7Witchy woman00:04:11
8Train leaves here this morning00:04:11
9Outlaw man00:03:29
10Peaceful easy feeling00:04:18
11James Dean00:03:38
12Saturday night00:03:21
13On the border00:04:23
CD 2
1Wasted time (Reprise)00:01:23
2Wasted Time00:04:56
3I Can't Tell You Why00:04:55
4Lyin' Eyes00:06:22
5Pretty Maids All In A Row00:04:00
7Try and love again00:05:11
8The best of my love00:04:35
9New Kid In Town00:05:05
10Love Will Keep Us Alive00:04:02
11The Sad Cafe00:05:33
12Take it to the limit00:04:47
13After the thrill is gone00:03:57
CD 3
1One of these nights (Intro)00:01:59
2One Of These Nights00:04:51
3Disco strangler00:02:44
4Heartache Tonight00:04:25
5Hotel California00:06:31
6Born to boogie00:02:17
7In the city00:03:44
8Get Over It00:03:31
9King of Hollywood00:06:28
10Too many hands00:04:41
11Life In The Fast Lane00:04:46
12The long run00:03:41
13Long Run Leftovers00:03:02
14The Last Resort00:07:25
15Random victims [Part 3]00:09:42