Original Album Classics - Deep Purple
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CD 1
1King Of Dreams (Album Version)00:05:30
2The Cut Runs Deep00:05:42
3Fire In The Basement00:04:43
4Truth Hurts00:05:14
5Breakfast In Bed00:05:16
6Love Conquers All00:03:47
8Too Much Is Not Enough00:04:19
9Wicked Ways00:06:35
CD 2
1The Battle Rages On (Live)00:05:47
2Lick It Up00:03:50
4Talk About Love00:04:05
5Time To Kill00:05:44
6Ramshackle Man00:05:32
7A Twist In The Tale00:04:12
8Nasty Piece Of Work00:04:34
10One Man's Meat00:04:38
CD 3
1Vavoom: Ted The Mechanic00:04:16
2Loosen My Strings00:05:57
3Soon Forgotten00:04:47
4Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming00:07:29
5Cascades: I'm Not Your Lover00:04:43
6The aviator00:05:20
7Rosa's Cantina00:05:10
8A Castle Full Of Rascals00:05:11
9A Touch Away00:04:36
10Hey Cisco00:05:53
11Somebody Stole My Guitar00:04:09
12The Purpendicular Waltz00:04:45