Original Album Classics - Blood,Sweat & Tears
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CD 1
2I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know00:05:57
3Morning glory00:04:15
4My days are numbered00:03:19
5Without her00:02:41
6Just one smile00:04:38
7I can't quit her00:03:38
8Meagan's gypsy eyes00:03:24
9Somethin' goin' on00:08:00
10House in the country00:03:04
11The modern adventures of Plato, Diogenes and Freud00:04:12
12So much love / Underture00:04:47
13Refugee from Yuhupitz00:03:45
14I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know (Mono)00:05:54
15The modern adventures of Plato, Diogenes and Freud00:04:48
CD 2
1Variations on a theme by Eric Satie (1st and 2nd Movements) (Adapted from "Trois Gymnopédies")00:02:35
2Smiling Phases00:05:11
3Sometimes In Winter00:03:09
4More And More00:03:04
5And When I Die00:04:06
6God Bless The Child00:05:55
7Spinning Wheel00:04:08
8You'Ve Made Me So Very Happy00:04:19
9Blues [Part II]00:11:44
10Variations On A Theme By Eric Satie (1st Movement)00:01:49
11More And More (Live)00:04:37
12Smiling Phases (Live)00:18:43
CD 3
2The battle00:02:43
3Lucretia Mac Evil00:03:03
4Lucretia's reprise00:02:35
5Fire And Rain00:04:02
6Lonesome Suzie00:04:35
7Symphony for the devil / Sympathy for the devil00:07:49
8He's a runner00:04:15
9Somethin' comin' on00:04:33
1040.000 headmen00:04:41