Mannthology (3cd) - Manfred Mann'S Earth Band
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CD 1
1Blinded by the light (7" Version)00:03:48
2For you (7" Version)00:03:52
3Ashes to the wind (7" Version)00:04:12
4Third world service (7" Version)00:03:49
5California (7" Version)00:03:46
6It's all over now, baby blue (7" Version)00:03:10
7I'm up and I'm leaving (7" Version)00:03:08
8Summer in the city00:04:40
9Pleasure and pain (CD Single Version)00:03:26
10Get your rocks off (7" Version)00:03:03
11Going underground (7" Version)00:05:04
12I (who have nothing)00:04:13
13You angel you (7" Version)00:03:46
14Meat (EP Promo Version)00:03:17
15Man in jam00:02:11
16Be not too hard (7" Version)00:03:30
17Davy's on the road again00:03:38
CD 2
1Joybringer (Stereo 7" Version)00:03:33
2Mardi gras day (Promo 7" Version)00:03:05
3Demons and dragons (CD Single Edit)00:03:29
4Geronimo's cadillac (7" Version)00:03:00
5Father of day, father of night (7" Version)00:03:04
6The mighty Quinn (Live 1998) (CD Single Edit)00:02:36
7Rebel (7" Version)00:04:11
8Spirits in the night (1977) (7" Version)00:03:17
9A fool I am00:04:16
10Questions (7" Version)00:03:49
11Angels at my gate (7" Version)00:04:50
12Tribal statistics (7" Version)00:03:38
13Living without you (Stereo 7" Version)00:03:37
14Nothing ever happens (Radio Mix)00:03:40
16Demolition man (7" Version)00:03:50
17Don't kill it Carol (7" Version)00:03:58
CD 3
1Spirits in the night (1975) (Extended 7" Version)00:03:17
2Ned Kelly (Unreleased B-Side Version)00:02:52
3Who are the mystery kids?00:03:46
4Sikelele I (7" Remix)00:03:58
5Mrs. Henry (7" Version)00:02:41
6Medicine song (Remix)00:03:39
7Eyes of Nostradamus (7" Version)00:03:42
8Do anything you wanna do (7" Version)00:04:14
9Holiday's end00:02:43
10Tumbling ball (Radio Mix)00:03:31
11Lies (Through the 80s) (7" Version)00:04:15
12Footprints (En Aranjuez con tu amor)00:03:49
13Redemption song (7" Version)00:04:16
14Runner (7" Version)00:03:44
15Davy's on the road again (Live) (7" Version)00:03:58
16Mighty Quinn (7" Version)00:03:34