Anthology Vol.01 - Beatles,The
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CD 1
1Free As A Bird00:04:25
2We Were Fours Guys...That's All00:00:12
3That'll Be The Day00:02:08
4In Spite Of All The Danger00:02:45
5Sometimes I'd Borrow...Those Still Exist00:00:18
6Hallelujah I Love Her So00:01:13
7You'll Be Mine00:01:39
9First Of All...It Didn't Do A Thing Here00:00:07
10My Bonnie00:02:41
11Ain't She Sweet00:02:13
12Cry For A Shadow00:02:22
13Brian Was A Beautiful Guy...He Presented Us Well00:00:10
14I Secured Them...A Beatle Drink Even Then00:00:18
16Three Cool Cats00:02:24
17The Sheik Of Araby00:01:42
18Like Dreamers Do00:02:35
19Hello Little Girl00:01:39
20Well, The Recording Test...By My Artists00:00:32
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CD 2
1She Loves You00:02:50
2Till There Was You00:02:54
3Twist And Shout00:03:05
4This Boy00:02:22
5I Want To Hold Your Hand00:02:37
6Boys, What Was I Thinking...00:02:06
7Moonlight Bay00:00:50
8Can't Buy Me Love00:02:09
9All My Loving00:02:19
10You Can't Do That00:02:40
11And I Love Her00:01:51
12A Hard Day's Night00:02:41
13I Wanna Be Your Man00:01:48
14Long Tall Sally00:01:46
17I'll Be Back00:01:13
18I'll Be Back00:01:57
19You Know What To Do00:01:58
20No Reply00:01:46
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