Music Of The Spheres - Drso Und Chor
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1Music of the Spheres (Sphärenmusik)
2Like the twinkling of stars in the blue sky at sunset00:02:33
3Like light and the depths00:02:07
4Like the refraction of sunbeams in the waves00:00:36
5Like the twinkling of a pearl of dew in the sun on a beautiful summer's morning00:00:52
6Longing - Despair - Ecstasy00:03:33
7Soul of the world - Abyss - All Soul's day00:02:16
8I wish ...!00:01:20
9Chaos - Ruin - far and near00:02:07
10Flowers wither00:01:36
11Glimpse of the sun through tears00:05:16
12Bells pealing: Look! He comes00:01:57
13The gospel of flowers - From the far distance00:02:26
14The new day00:01:33
15The end: Antichrist - Christ00:04:46
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17A scent of mull and mud00:03:36
18A golden flake hovers above00:04:41
19The floweing summer was linked to the harvest00:04:56