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CD 1
1Rock island blues00:02:46
2Everybody's blues00:02:53
3Jelly roll00:02:38
4Mr. Furry's blues00:02:34
5Sweet papa moan00:02:10
6Billy Lyons and Stack O'Lee00:02:32
7Good looking girl blues00:02:51
8Falling down blues00:02:50
9Big chief blues00:02:51
10Mean old bedbug blues00:02:44
11Why don't you come home blues00:02:44
12Judge harsh blues00:02:59
13I will turn your money green00:03:11
14Mistreatin' mama00:03:05
15Furry's blues00:03:12
16Dry land blues00:03:04
17Cannon ball blues00:03:11
18Kassie Jones [part 1]00:03:04
19John Henry (The steel driving man)00:02:52
20Black gypsy blues00:02:48
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CD 2
1I will turn your money green00:04:43
2Pearlee blues00:04:05
3Longing blues00:02:38
4The medicine shows00:02:55
5Casey Jones00:02:58
6East St. Louis blues00:04:17
7When my baby left me00:03:24
8Shake 'em on down00:02:52
9Big chief blues00:03:33
10Old blue00:03:01
11Back on my feet again00:03:55
12White lightnin'00:03:28
14St. Louis blues00:04:43
15Baby you don't want me00:04:05
16Done changed my mind00:03:01
17Goin' to Kansas city00:02:55
18This time tomorrow00:04:27
19Frankie and Johnnie00:02:29
20Longing blues00:03:47
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