Peter Grimes - Watson/Hickox/Ls Chorus/Cls/+
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CD 1
1Peter Grimes (Oper in 1 Prolog und 3 Akten) (Gesamtaufnahme)
2You sailed your boat round the coast00:03:04
3Peter Grimes, I here advise you00:02:05
4The truth - the pity - and the truth00:01:55
5Interlude I00:03:13
6Oh, hang at open doors (1. Akt, 1. Szene)00:04:42
7Good morning, good morning00:01:04
8Hi! Give us a hand00:03:42
9I have to gop from pub to pub00:01:59
10Let her among you without fault00:03:13
11Look ! The storm cone!00:02:47
12And do you prefere the storm00:03:30
13They listen to money00:01:32
14What harbour shelters peace00:01:04
15Interlude II00:04:11
16Past time to close (2. Szene)00:02:15
17Loud man00:01:04
18There's been a landslide up the coast00:01:08
19No, I mean love00:00:36
20Pub conversation should depend00:01:35
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CD 2
1We planned that their lives00:02:30
2Swallow - shall we go and see Grimes in his hut?00:00:44
3Now is gossip put on trial00:02:18
4From the gutter00:04:35
5Interlude IV00:05:47
6Go there (2. Szene)00:02:03
7They listen to money00:05:03
8Now! Now!00:02:14
9Peter Grimes00:03:27
10Interlude V (3. Akt)00:05:09
11Swallow - Assign your prettiness to me (1. Szene)00:03:01
12Mr. Keene00:01:31
13Murder most foul it is00:01:32
14Come along, Doctor00:02:56
15Embropidery in childhood was00:05:49
16Mr Swallow00:02:02
17Who holds himself apart00:03:56
18Interlude VI00:02:45
19Grimes! (2. Szene)00:05:22
20Peter, we've come to take you home00:02:41
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