Swing With Me-Dance With Me.2cd+Dvd - Astaire,Fred & Oscar Peterson
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1Puttin' On The Ritz00:02:50
2Night And Day00:05:22
3Cheek To Cheek00:05:39
4I Used To Be Color Blind00:04:15
5Let's Call The Whole Thing Off00:04:36
6Change Partners00:03:14
7Fascinating Rhythm00:02:42
8Lovely To Look At00:03:26
9A needle in a haystack00:02:21
10Fast Dances00:02:44
11So near and yet so far00:03:19
12You're easy to dance with00:03:21
13The Way You Look Tonight00:02:57
14Dancing In The Dark00:04:45
15Slow Dances00:02:55
16New Sun In The Sky00:02:26
17Nice Work If You Can Get It00:02:07
18No strings00:02:54
19I'm Building Up To An Awful Let-Down00:03:59
20The Astaire Blues00:12:00
1Steppin' Out With My Baby00:02:22
2I've Got My Eyes On You00:02:57
3They Can't Take That Away From Me00:04:22
4Top Hat, White Tie And Tails00:04:00
5I Concentrate On You00:02:43
6's Wonderful00:02:57
7A fine romance00:03:44
8I won't dance00:03:01
9The continental00:03:29
10Medium Dance00:02:01
11Oh, Lady Be Good00:05:02
12I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket00:02:55
13The Carioca00:04:47
14I Love Louisa00:02:38
15They All Laughed00:02:55
16Isn't This A Lovely Day?00:04:27
17Jam Session For A Dancer00:06:33
18A Foggy Day00:04:00
19Not My Girl00:03:37
20The Second Astaire Blues00:07:52