Statics of Historic Masonry Constructions (eBook, PDF) - Como, Mario
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Masonry Strength and Deformability.- Fundamentals of Statics of Masonry Solids and Structures.- Masonry Arches.- Masonry Vaults.- The Colosseum.- Masonry Stairways.- Masonry Piers, Wall, Buttresses s and Towers under vertical loads.- Gothic Cathedrals.- Masonry Buildings under Seismic Actions.

"The book is very well written and organized. Moreover, it offers an exhaustive description of the modeling and mechanical response of many typical masonry structural elements. Each argument is treated following a rigorous mechanical and mathematical approach, resulting in a treatise able to describe masonry models and analysis techniques with great clarity. Furthermore, the book presents the models and the methods for the evaluation of safety of masonry structures, together with extended numerical examples concerning famous masonry constructions." (Elio Sacco, Meccanica, Vol 54, 2019)