The Design and Engineering of Curiosity (eBook, PDF) - Lakdawalla, Emily
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Dedication.- Foreword.- Acknowledgements.- Preface.- Chapter 1: Mars Science Laboratory.- Chapter 2: Getting to Mars.- Chapter 3: Mars Operations.- Chapter 4: How the Rover Works.- Chapter 5: SA/SPaH: Acquisition, Processing, and Handling.- Chapter 6: The Mast, Engineering Cameras, Navigation, and Hazard Avoidance.- Chapter 7: Curiosity's Science Cameras.- Chapter 8: Curiosity's Environmental Sensing Instruments.- Chapter 9: Curiosity's Chemistry Instruments.- Epilogue: Back on Earth.- Appendix.- About the Author.- Index.
"This book presents an in-depth explanation of how 'the most complex machine ever sent to another planet' works. ... There are in-depth discussions on wheel design and degradation as well as complete listings of the drill and scoop sampling campaign. Beautifully written and illustrated, Ladawalla's essay is truly encyclopaedic." (Richard McKim, The Observatory, Vol. 138 (1267), December, 2018)

"The Design and Engineering of Curiosity is a comprehensive look at how the Mars Curiosity mission became a reality. Lakdawalla, an independent scholar, begins with an overview of the various iterations of the mission, starting with the goal of developing a bigger lander, and shows how the designers converged on the final mission and spacecraft design. ... The book has a broad audience, ranging from general readers to the technical community." (D. B. Spencer, Choice, Vol. 56 (03), 2018)